Kastamonu University | The University Where You Build Your Future


At Kastamonu University, we provide you the opportunity to research, develop and receive education- training to your heart’s content, mixed with the beauty of everyday life. Boasting both academic and social features, Kastamonu University sits among the first 2500 universities in the international rankings. As part of a huge family, including 3000 students hailing from 53 different countries, you are presented with the promise of acquiring knowledge on associate, undergraduate and master’s degree levels, accompanied with theoretical and practical courses. On their path to success, our students have the chance to continue their education in a number of different countries throughout their lives, thanks to many a number of bilateral protocols. Furthermore, Kastamonu University alone was appointed by the Council of Higher Education to specialize in forestry and nature tourism from 207 other universities. Come and meet your new family! Enrol in our theoretical courses hand in hand with workshops, laboratories, studios, while seizing the opportunity of becoming an intern in your desired field.