Kastamonu University | The University Where You Build Your Future

Life in Kastamonu

If continuing your education among hues of blue the Black Sea region offers in a charming city, and nature - culture tourisms are your cup of tea, our campuses are a match made exactly for you. Be it swimming in the refreshing waters of the Black Sea while basking under the blazing sun on the beautiful beaches, or sliding down the great ridge of Ilgaz Mountains in the winter, the great spectacles of nature allows you to partake in unforgettable experiences. Should you fancy a bit of nature tourism, Valla and Horma Canyons among many other neighbouring national parks are within easy reach, waiting to be explored.

Life in Campus

Ever wondered how it would be to take a stroll in a forest of vastly different species of trees?

Do the singing and chirping of birds sound like music to you, too?

Our campus takes pride in being one of the greenest and most relaxing of its kind in Turkey. Surrounded by the splendid views of greenery and alone with the nature, students can also become part of 82 student clubs, and take advantage of many facilities such as the olympic pool, sports centre, stadium grounds, bicycle and walking tracks, cafe and restaurants as well as other many features that the campus offers.